Transforming how students with disabilities experience school everyday.

SPED Strategies works with education leaders across the nation to  ensure teachers have the tools and resources they need to effectively meet the needs of students with disabilities in the classroom and prepare them to be successful in life after high school. 

The Challenge

Across the country parents send their children to schools every day with hopes and dreams of belonging to a community that builds a strong sense of self and provides the highest quality learning opportunities that allows each student to reach their full potential. At the same time, educators and school leaders walk into schools and classrooms with the hopes of helping every child achieve their dreams. However, historical data and trends tell us that for certain groups of students, especially students with disabilities, these dreams and goals remain unfulfilled. 

The Solution

Our vision is that every student with a disability is able to attend a school where they are meaningfully included, held to high expectations, and are prepared to engage as active members of their communities.

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