Inclusive Education

Inclusive Education creates school communities that are designed to meet the needs of every learner. When schools believe in and practice Inclusive Education, they create a culture where every student, including students with disabilities, can reach their full potential, and become fully engaged members of their communities. These resources serve as guidiance on how to define Inclusive Education and create schools that provide an educational experience that benefits all learners in contrast to traditional approaches to inclusion that put an emphasis on physical location versus student experience. 

What is Inclusive Education?

There are varying definitions across the educational community about what it means to ensure students with disabilities are fully included into our school communities. This resource serves as guidance to define Inclusive Education in contrast to traditional approaches to inclusion along with the key elements schools must consider when striving to provide an Inclusive Education that benefits all learners.

Why Inclusive Education?

For decades, schools have struggled to offer an equitable educational experience that both meets the unique needs of students with disabilities and yields positive academic and life-long outcomes. This resource clearly defines that problem and provides evidence that Inclusive Education is the remedy to address these challenges and ensure positive results for all students, especially those with disabilities. 

Inclusive Education Guide

The Guide to Inclusive Education defines Inclusive Education and provides the mindsets and inclusive practices that create an Inclusive School. This resource provides district leaders, school leaders, and educators concrete practices that ensure they are valuing the uniqueness of every learner and able to effectively support their needs. 

Partner Spotlight

Nebraska's Journey to Inclusion

The Nebraska Department of Education partnered with SPED Strategies to define their expectations for Inclusive Education, provide universal guidance, and execute direct school and classroom support. This video shows how the principles of Inclusive Education can shape an education system and change the lives of students everyday. 

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