Our Focus

Strong Special Education Systems

We support education leaders to better utilize systems, structures, and funding to improve outcomes and limit regulatory or legal challenges.

Our Work In Action

  • In California, we are working with state and school system leaders, special education experts, and advocates to build a policy framework to ensure every student with a disability is on a pathway to a high school diploma. 
  • In Louisiana, we are leading a Special Education Collaborative for system administrators to create stronger, more resilient special education systems.

Inclusion and Equity in the Classroom

We help states and school systems integrate the evidence base in special education into a cohesive long-term strategy. We focus on building strong inclusion structures and advancing core instruction that meets the individualized needs of all learners.

Our Work In Action

  • We are working with traditional and charter school systems to build inclusion structures and strengthen core instruction to meet the needs of all learners.
  • We are continuously releasing and updating resources to help educators advance educational equity for students with disabilities.

Special Education Consulting Services

We work with national organizations, states and school systems who need advanced technical expertise in special education laws, policy, and funding to advance their strategy. When this is the right fit, we customize consulting services focused on:

Our Work In Action

  • Developing special education policies or systems
  • Supporting change management
  • Developing technical tools
  • Leveraging funding sources

How We Work

Innovate in the Face of Adversity

We work with every client to understand the nuances of special education and leverage the opportunities it provides by creating innovative solutions.

Simplify Complex Problems

We work with our clients to analyze data, identify trends, and build plans that effectively reach their goals in a simple and manageable way.

Cultivate and Empower Partnerships

We help our clients step out of their comfort zones and unite all parts of the education system around improving the outcomes of students with disabilities.

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