Driving Change toward Inclusive Education

Partners who are well positioned to drive change toward Inclusive Education recognize the opportunities to increase access and support for students with disabilities across their school communities. They have a shared agreement about these opportunities and are prepared to shift systems and structures while implementing new practices to meet the needs of every learner and create environments where all children feel a sense of belonging. 
  • Consultation on identification of school sites and classrooms that are ready to shift toward inclusive structures and practices. 
  • Facilitating professional learning for district and school leadership teams about the key shifts in mindsets and structures that foster a sense of belonging and a relentless commitment to meeting the needs of every student. 
  • Facilitating professional learning for educators and support personnel in inclusive classrooms mindsets, culture, and practices. 
  • Providing ongoing consultation and coaching to leadership teams in and in problem solving through an inclusive lens. 
  • Providing ongoing consultation and coaching for educators in implementing inclusive practices. 

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