Better Together Conference

SPED Strategies offers a one-day conference, hosted twice per year, for special education teams across Louisiana. To better meet the needs of the changing landscape in education, these biannual convenings bring together practitioners of Special Education to engage in a day of professional learning addressing the unique challenges facing special education.

Providing opportunities for collaboration

Our Better Together Conference provides opportunities for collaboration and sharing best practices on effective strategies for supporting students with disabilities. All sessions are facilitated by knowledgeable professionals trained in high-quality adult facilitation strategies and with extensive experience in designing and implementing special education programs.

Information for sign-up will be available each Spring and Fall as the convening approaches. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates on registration.

The day of professional learning has sessions centered on three learning tracks:

  • Academic Strategy + Increasing Access for Diverse Learners
  • Defining Practices + Building Systems of Support for Individuals & Groups of Students
  • Effective Practices for Special Education Funding & Compliance

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