Special Education Administrator Support Series

SPED Strategies offers in-depth training and onsite coaching support with the core elements of leading special education in local school systems. The Special Education Administrator Support Series (SEAS) will support Louisiana leaders with implementing critical aspects of special education administration through expert coaching, research-based professional learning, peer support and on-site visits.

SEAS is a selective 1-year program designed to support leaders in deepening their knowledge of the legal, academic, and fiscal domains of special education administration and solving a self identified problem of practice. 

Program Elements

1:1 Coaching

Learning Intensives

Screen Summits

Quarterly Webinars

Onsite Visits

One-on-One Coaching: Participants will be assigned a coach to provide ongoing support throughout the year. The coach will work closely with the leader to identify a central problem to solve across the year. The coach and leader will identify the goals, benchmarks, and actions required to successfully tackle their central problem. The coach and leader will meet monthly to reflect on progress and problem-solve ongoing challenges.
Summer + Winter Intensive Learning Experience: In July and January, leaders will engage in a full day of professional learning focused on high-leverage special education leadership topics including: Strategic Operations, Federal/State Compliance + Reporting, Data and Assessments, and Evaluations + IEP Management. Cohort members will provide insight on desired development topics and ideas for professional learning.
Screen Summits: On scheduled dates, leaders will engage in an online group discussion on a topic aligned with the needs of the group. Leaders will bring questions or ideas to receive feedback from the broader group.
Quarterly Webinars: Leaders will engage in 3 webinars across the year focused on important concepts and topics to be effective in their roles. This may include the following topics: High Cost Services, LEAP Connect and HQIM or other topics identified by participants.
Onsite Visits: Leaders will engage in 2 full day site visits with their coaching. During these visits, the coach will help to identify progress in solving the central problem.

Program Structure

  Coaching Intensives Webinars Screen Summits Online Visits

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