David Lowe

David Lowe

Managing Director

David is an ever-optimistic systems thinker. He loves the challenge of connecting state and district strategy to real change at the classroom level. As the Managing Director of Implementation and Scale, David leads the work of customizing support for each partner while helping them maximize their impact across schools.

In his decade as a teacher, instructional coach, and administrator in Seattle, David won state and national awards for his entrepreneurial work supporting classroom instruction. As the Education Director at Intentional Futures, he led strategic research and design work, including the development of the Mastery Transcript, a gradeless, digital transcript used by 400 schools nationwide. As the Director of Implementation for Zearn Math, he designed and launched Zearn’s Implementation Playbook, a web-based tool supporting thousands of districts in student-centered HQIM implementation. 

David has pioneered work in developing tools and approaches that support effective implementation at scale. He is also a committed practitioner of equity-centered design, ensuring that the solutions he helps build are co-designed with the communities they are meant to serve.

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