Learning Recovery Briefs

SPED Strategies X Blue Engine

Blue Engine and SPED Strategies, two organizations on a mission to
improve outcomes for students who think and learn differently, have come together to elevate strategies and practices that school systems can use to design for and meet the needs of students with disabilities as part of continued school reopening. Over many years working with schools, school systems, and states, our organizations have developed expertise in improving systems and instruction for our most marginalized students. We share our recommendations with the aim of spurring actions that result in learning experiences that meet the needs of every single student.


School systems are rolling out large-scale tutoring, but there is limited discussion about how these initiatives are being designed to support students with disabilities. Key players must proactively design tutoring programs that are explicitly inclusive and responsive to the needs of students with disabilities.

Therapies and Supports

With COVID-19 pandemic school disruptions, the most vulnerable students missed therapies and supports that are essential to their development and education. Special education leaders must quickly provide individualized therapies and supports to accelerate grade-level learning.

High-Quality Curriculum and Instruction

COVID-19 school disruptions and lost instruction have disproportionately impacted our most vulnerable populations, including students with disabilities. History shows us that when students with disabilities struggle, the typical response is to reduce instructional rigor and segregate them from their general education peers. To accelerate learning, key players must ensure students with disabilities have access to grade-level learning by doubling-down on high-quality curriculum and instruction.

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