Shelly McKeever

Shelly McKeever

Manager of Partnerships, Arkansas

Shelly is a dedicated advocate for inclusive education and equitable access for all students. With a diverse background spanning education leadership, teaching, and instructional coaching, Shelly brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role.

Before joining SPED Strategies, Shelly served as a Project Director at the University of Arkansas, where she focused on enhancing educators' knowledge and skills in supporting English learners and culturally diverse students. Her responsibilities included teaching TESOL graduate courses, facilitating online professional development, and fostering community engagement.

With a deep understanding of the complexities of education, Shelly's work has always centered around personalized learning and inclusive practices. Her experience as a classroom teacher in special education settings has provided her with firsthand insights into the needs of diverse learners. As an instructional coach, she partnered with teachers to improve teaching practices and student outcomes, emphasizing scaffolded instruction, differentiated learning, and personalized instruction.

Shelly's commitment to professional development extends beyond her role as an educator. She has provided continuous training for schools and districts in Arkansas, focusing on inclusive education and equity for all students. Shelly's dedication to lifelong learning is evident by her achievement of a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership.

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